Stock Tracking

Pull together data from telematic technology like RFID to track items and accurately update their status for improved visibility along the supply chain.

Why it is important

Stock tracking is an essential part of retail activities and supply chain management. This ensures retailers always have the needed materials and products on hand.

What needs to be improved

Outdated and incorrect inventory management can lead to unsatisfied customers and lost sales. For reporting and forward-looking logistics and financial planning, management needs a constantly up-to-date view of the correct inventory.

How Alindus can help

Our Robotic Workforce provides a more efficient process for Stock Tracking. Our solution:


Notifies managers when product stock levels are low

Reorders products that go below a certain threshold level

Provides real-time reporting for optimal inventory levels

Organizes inventory for easy retrieval at all times


Automating the process of communication is necessary between workforces for a successful supply chain.

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