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Retailers must process numerous payments and match the transactions in order to manage inventory, create and post journal entries, report account balances, and stay ahead of fraudulent activity. Our Digital Workforce solutions alleviate the stress of human error, time-consuming processes, and complex accounting operations.

Robotic Workforce Benefits for Retail Industry

Inventory Management

Accurately transfer of data between the different systems, including warehouse, finance and market reporting.

Data Collection

Transfer data seamlessly to improve employees’ focus on the analysis for more informed decisions.

Sales Analytics

Get easy access to exhaustive reports, real-time insights of customers’ behavior, and customer preferences.

Store Planning

Use collected data for insights regarding your store, merchandise, and product categories to make more effective store plans and layouts.

Customer Query Resolution

With AI, RPA can understand natural language in emails and chats to provide resolution to customer queries

Quality Assurance

Reduce operational risk with consistent performance that does not deviate from defined business rules.

Improve Your Key Processes

Decrease Operational Costs

Complete more work with fewer employees. Our Digital Workforce scales with your business, so you can grow with ease.

Reduce Risk of Fraud

Quickly investigate and cancel suspect customer orders. Improve your inventory monitoring and implement consistent auditing of your procurement process and suppliers.

Improve Customer Service

Reduce friction in your return process and achieve seamless integration across your sales channels for a consistent customer experience.

How does our Robotic Workforce work?

With our cloud-based Human-Machine Interaction, your business can execute processes across multiple systems, cloud solutions, and software-as-a-service offerings. Our intelligent automation ecosystem consists of advanced technologies and experts that are dedicated to creating customized, innovative automations for unique tasks. Our Intelligent RPA uses software robots that can be trained and assigned tasks to be completed autonomously. These robots are code-free, non-disruptive, non-invasive, and easy to implement.

Use Cases

Price Matching

Price Matching:

Automate customer price matching to confirm competitive prices on products using online searches.

Stock Tracking

Stock Tracking:

Pull together data from telematic technology to track items and accurately update their status for improved visibility along the supply chain.

Product Status Updates

Product Status Updates:

Send confirmation to customers about their order and let them know when their items are ready to be collected.



Get the right information to the right teams at the right time to ensure optimal outcomes. Receive timely insight reports to enable fast action.

Order Cancellations

Order Cancellations:

Automatically cancel orders quicly where fraud is suspected to minimize the risk of orders being shipped through any delay in action.

Customer Returns

Customer Returns:

Minimize the risk of transcription error, reduce the call duration and ensure customers receive the best experience.

Automatically Import Data From


POS System



Set the Foundation for Efficiency


Reduce your errors, support costs, and compliance costs, while increasing your productivity, accuracy, and efficiency.


Your automated processes grow with your business, and implementation does not affect existing IT infrastructure.


Our cloud-based Intelligent RPA solutions provide cutting-edge technology that delivers optimal results for your business.

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