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Quality Assurance and Testing

The question is not “what can my product support?” it is: “what does customer expect?” Changing standards, application and infrastructure architectures translates into constant pressure to be future-ready and backward-compatible. High-quality testing has become a critical factor to improve the odds of a new product to become a commercial success. We offer a comprehensive set of test services to accelerate the delivery of new digital products and services.

Contrary to popular belief, Software Testing is not a just a single activity. It consists of series of activities carried out methodologically to help certify your software product.

Requirement Analysis/Review

Focus is on understanding the requirements of the system with the viewpoint of testing. QA team interacts with the Business Analyst, System Analyst, Development team and if required may also interact with client to completely understand the requirements of the system. During this phase the QA takes many important decisions like what are the testing types & techniques to be performed, feasibility for automation testing implementation, etc

Our QA team plans for the complete testing process. Important documents like test strategy, test plan and effort estimation are derived from this phase. Everything regarding testing like selection of the testing tools, test efforts estimations, planning resources, determining roles and responsibilities

Creation, review & update of test Cases as well as test scripts are done in this phase. The test cases prepared by the QA team are reviewed and approved.Test data may also be created in this phase by the QA team if test environment is available to them.

Test Environment is the actual system/environment/setup where the testing team will be testing the application. Test environment is prepared by understanding the required system architecture, software & hardware requirements, etc.

The test cases which were prepared earlier are executed in this phase.Different testing techniques as well as methods are implemented and executed on the software/application to break the system and find bugs.Bugs are reported to the development team. The development team resolves the bugs and the system is retested to ensure that it is bug free and ready to go live.

When the testing team concludes that all the reported bugs are resolved and the system is ready according to the client’s requirements and the systems can be live.