Purchase Order Invoice Validation

Enhance your Accounts Payable timelines by automating the invoice validation process against existing purchase orders.

Why it is important

Purchase Order Invoice Validation collects data from invoices and matches information against existing purchase orders, escalating invalid data for investigation and more.

What needs to be improved

Errors like incorrect quantity and items, delayed approvals, and inaccurate delivery date can plague the validation process. Dealing with numerous vendors and businesses daily can cause an overwhelming number of electronic Purchase Orders that must be processed manually—an error-prone practice. This can lead to sales and the bottom line taking a hit.

How Alindus can help

Our Robotic Workforce provides a more efficient process for Purchase Order Invoice Validation. Our solution can automatically:


Identify and segregate emailed purchase orders, extract the information, and validate the format.

Validate sender details and items using database information.

Extract the article quantity and check against the latest inventory updates.

Send auto-responses regarding the order status and estimated delivery.

Notify the fulfillment department and alert stakeholders about out-of-stock items.

Alert stakeholders about the purchase order sent in an invalid format.

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