Price Matching

Offer customers competitive product quality and value by automating emailed responses per price match requests.

Why it is important

Price match requests ensure a retailer offers the most competitive prices, and many regularly benchmark all their products against others in the market.

What needs to be improved

If customers do find a product for sale at a lower price in-store or online and sold with the same service conditions, customers can submit a price match request. Performing these checks is a monotonous task for employees, taking time away from high-priority customer requests.

How Alindus can help

Our Robotic Workforce provides a more efficient process for Price Matching. Our solution:


Manages the pre and post-sales process.

Creates a price match case based on submitted information.

Reviews the case using a price comparison provider.

Emails customers response regarding the case outcome after checking the price guarantee.


Automating the Price Matching process frees employees from tedious work, allowing them to improve the business exceptions that connected-RPA can’t fulfill, such as prices from retailers that aren’t currently on existing lists, or dealing with complex or high-priority customer requests.

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