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consultingConsulting is quite common across the global, and it’s an industry worth billions of dollars. Companies outsource projects to get it done efficiently and economically.

At Alindus, we delivers effective solutions leveraging our expertise and qualified resources. We enable our clients to succeed in their business endeavors.

Alindus follows a professional approach: we understand projects requirements clearly, executive it efficiently and deliver it timely. We have expertise in managing both fixed-cost and variable-cost projects for our customers and clients from our Indian facilities.

Our Customer-Focused Delivery Model enables the clients to leverage the rapid-build capability of a blended team between on-site and off-shore resources to accomplish the high-ROI and time-to-market objectives.

Why choose Alindus?

Alindus has expert resources who are well-versed in technologies, project management, product delivery, etc. Our clients prefer us on the basis of our expertise, and ability to get the job done.

Some of the reasons to choose our services:

Problem Identification – Some companies and businessmen could not identify problem for being too close to it, or doesn’t know how to deal with it. Our team members can pitch in and do it for you.

Resource Management – At times, businesses realize that a lot of money could be saved by hiring consultants on a temporary basis to get the job done. Alindus has resources who are capable of handling projects from start to finish.

Professional Development – Companies need technology consultants to teach their employees latest technologies or run brainstorming sessions on old ones. We have pool of consultants to cater your training needs.