Order Cancellation

Automate the cancellation of orders quickly where fraud is suspected, minimizing the risk of orders being shipped through any delay in action.

Why it is important

Retailers lose money each year due to fraudulent ordering. It is imperative that retailers check any orders deemed suspicious, and they must do this quickly.

What needs to be improved

With more transactions moving online daily, the threat of reputational damage or financial loss is higher than before, especially when trying to manage these threats manually.

How Alindus can help

Our Robotic Workforce provides a more efficient process for Order Cancellation. Our solution:


Creates a case for detected fraud

Performs a series of cross-checks on suspicious transactions using internal and external systems

Refers detected fraudulent orders for employee review


By performing these automated steps before canceling, proceeding, or referring the order for human participation, employees are able to focus on more valuable tasks, such as iterating the fraud detection scoring models. These fraud prevention measures have a positive impact on customer satisfaction, trust, and commitment.

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