Loss Run Report Processing

Build faster, more accurate policies and drive underwriting efficiency with automated Loss Run Reporting.

Why it is important

Loss runs are a critical evaluative tool for insurers. Data inside loss run reports help insurers provide optimal policy and pricing for new customers.

What needs to be improved

Inbound forms vary and can contain complex claims data, causing employees to reenter important data points from the documentation into other underwriting and risk-management systems. These manual loss runs are labor-intensive, often requiring underwriters to sift through loads of paperwork to find the information they need. This presents a number of problems that can lead to poor underwriting decisions.

How Alindus can help

Our Robotic Workforce provides a more efficient process for Loss Run Reporting. Our solution:


Updates data into the respective systems.

Generates PDF-based loss run reports and shares with related parties.

Uploads finalized datasheets into the Profit & Loss systems.

Enhances the security lending process with faster calculations.


Automated loss run reporting combines the benefits of pulling claims information from a robust database with the agility, speed, and accuracy of automated processes—increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring necessary insights to make the proper underwriting decisions.

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