Journal Entry

Automate journal entry into an accounting system/journal system after proprietary payments, including for vendors, real estate, invoices, etc., to significantly speed up the process, improve accuracy, and free up resources.

Why it is important

Journal Entry is one of the most common and time-consuming processes in accounting, affecting nearly every finance department’s workflow. Traditional Journal Entry processing for General Ledgers receives each entry by a workflow tool with a template attached. The entry is validated, balanced, and then posted to General Ledger.

What needs to be improved

Most manual journal entries are created within a few days during monthly closing. Employees must calculate trial balances, journalize transactions, prepare financial statement reports, and other routines. This makes the work of accountants and controllers stressful, as overtime work is often required. This can lead to cut corners with auditing, control, and approvals of the entries.

How Alindus can help

Our cloud-based Intelligent RPA provides a more efficient process for journal entries. Our solution:


Directly obtains value lists from your ERP system

Validates data against your ERP rules

Automatically creates accrual journals and reversals

Provides journal status monitoring throughout the workflow

Uses efficient filters and search options


We make entering manual journals easy and fast, allowing your employees to focus on more valuable, complicated, and non-routine tasks.

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