IT Staffing and Consulting

Alindus is a 17 year old leading IT Staffing and consulting firm. We provide Talent acquisition, Staff Augmentation and Consulting services that have been aiding fortune 500 companies with talent acquisition and IT consulting for achieving innovation and growth.

Alindus Advantage as your hiring partner

Flexible Hiring

Hire full time employees or contractual personnel to match your staffing needs with a flexible hiring model from Alindus.

Global Standards

17 years of experience hiring for Fortune 500 companies to implement new technologies with industry best practices.

Large Talent Pool

We have a ready database of over 3000 profiles ready to be hired with domain expertise verified work history.

Fast paced Results

Our highly optimised process and proficient team provides quick results to save your organisation time and money.

Additional Training

Our in-house training programs improve the skill sets of candidates to match the needs of evolving technology standards.

Fresher Onboarding

We are connected with multiple educational institutions to find young, innovative, disruptive talent.

Our Hiring Services

Project based Hiring

Hire workforce to meet the workload of new or additional projects. Add experienced personnel to your team for managing the complete life cycle & delivery of projects.

Staff Augmentation

Assess and augment your staff with growing needs that can be transformed to permanent hire. Get excellent talent at every level of your organisational hierarchy.

Permanent Hire

We recruit resources to be placed at a client site as full-time staff members. Get long term engagement with the workforce to execute the long term vision for your company.

Client Focused Approach

We hire to facilitate a workforce of IT staff specialising in business-critical technology initiatives and to ultimately help you build a competitive advantage in the market. Our highly experienced hiring managers  deliver results that meet your growing needs, with the right to retain and hire.

Our Excellence

Pre Qualification

Rigorous pre-qualifications of all candidates by Subject Matter Experts to ensure candidates are credible with necessary skills and certifications.

Continuous Support

Ongoing support via training to elevate skills(technical and leadership) from our resident experts throughout the employment period.

Complete Management

Handling of entire personnel hiring & verification to reduce the administrative burden of onboarding new employees.

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