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Insurance companies face the challenge of reducing cycle times, cutting costs, and improving customer experience. Our Digital Workforce solutions improve claims processing, policy management, and regulatory compliance, providing greater operational efficiency and increased customer satisfaction.

Robotic Workforce Benefits for Insurance Industry

Claims Processing

Bridge the gap between the claims system, vendor applications, and third party estimating systems.

Customer Onboarding

Streamline client information gathering, verification, and archiving to decrease onboarding complexity and cycle time.

Quality Assurance

Reduce operational risk with consistent performance that does not deviate from defined business rules.

Policy Management

Improve the accuracy and speed of premium discrepancies, policy rejections, personal information updates.

Accounts Payable

Automate daily bank reconciliations and process low-risk outbound transactions.


Speed up data entry for clearance and registration, generation of renewals, evidence evaluation, and risk assessment.

Improve Your Key Processes

Claims Intake

Automate claims intake, registration, processing, and settlement for improved customer satisfaction.

Policy Management

Improve the accuracy and speed of policy management operations and offer better service to your new and existing customers.

Accounts Payable

Resolve invoice variability and gain visibility into your supply chain/accounts payable process.

How does our Robotic Workforce work?

With our cloud-based Human-Machine Interaction, your business can execute processes across multiple systems, cloud solutions, and software-as-a-service offerings. Our intelligent automation ecosystem consists of advanced technologies and experts that are dedicated to creating customized, innovative automations for unique tasks. Our Intelligent RPA uses software robots that can be trained and assigned tasks to be completed autonomously. These robots are code-free, non-disruptive, non-invasive, and easy to implement.

Use Cases

Claims Appeal Handling

Claims Appeal Handling:

Route information to the right queue, while flagging exceptions and unusual cases for follow-up by your teams.

Loss Run Report Processing

Loss Run Report Processing:

Cut processing time in half and enable your teams to build faster, more accurate policies for customers.

Purchase Order Invoice Validation

Purchase Order Invoice Validation:

Match invoices to purchase orders to reduce or eliminate invoice approval times, and ensures correct financial coding.

Expense Validation

Expense Validation:

Automate expense validation end-to-end, including receiving, reviewing, and (if needed) re-routing an employee's expense report to the approve, then issuing and confirming payment.

Journal Entry

Journal Entry:

Automate journal entry into an accounting system/journal system after proprietary payments, including for vendors, real estate, invoices, etc., to significantly speed up the process, improve accuracy.

Invoice Data Entry

Invoice Data Entry:

Streamline the Accounts Payable process by collecting fields from invoice documents in a variety of layouts and structuring them for entry into a system of record.

Automatically Import Data From


POS System



Set the Foundation for Efficiency


Reduce your errors, support costs, and compliance costs, while increasing your productivity, accuracy, and efficiency.


Your automated processes grow with your business, and implementation does not affect existing IT infrastructure.


Our cloud-based Intelligent RPA solutions provide cutting-edge technology that delivers optimal results for your business.

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