Features of a Good Codeless Business Application Technology

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Features of a Good Codeless Business Application Technology

Codeless Business Application TechnologyCertain things that make a system a good Codeless Business Application Technology (CBAT) are encapsulating below:

The Codeless Business Application Technology systems are not toolkits but business applications. The system addresses basic business requirements that need out-of-the-box. The tools are designed to make a system to fit requirements precisely but not build something from the scratch.

These tools are grouped into two layers which known to be high-level and low-level business tools. Low-level tools are straight forwarded to use and complete straightforward things. That is why it’s known as progressive disclosure in the software world. Using this, users are only exposed to as much complexity as they required.

CBAT doesn’t need code to do most of the things which are one of the major characteristics of it. A system that interacts thoroughly with API is known to be a good ‘codeless business application’. A good CBAT system consists a lot of connecting points to work with the other systems which don’t require coding though the option is available.

Though it sounds humdrum, there are numerous systems are available that offer complex customization but on the flip side, those cannot be upgraded to a newer version without manually upgraded by experts or customizations being rebuilt. On the other hand, customizations are needed to be upgradeable.

The cost of the software should not affect the user for using the tools. For instance, the seller should not charge the users for their work of an entirely innovative usage of the product.

The system must address the business prerequisites as well as it is needed to reach the standard requirements for rest of the software packages as far as scalability, security, availability, reporting, integrations, performance, and stability is concerned.

It’s essential for the seller to meet the needs of availability and support of consultants when required and have to support the custom changes made by the users as per the requirements and norms. 

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