Robotic Workforce as a Service FAQs

Robotic Process Automation software consists of “software robots“ working together to form a Digital Workforce. These bots can be programmed to execute common and complex operational processes and tasks just like their human counterparts.

Intelligent Automation is the combination of RPA with AI and cognitive capabilities, expanding the nature of the tasks Digital Workers can execute.

A Digital Worker is the component within RPA software capable of being trained to carry out one or more tasks or processes. Alindus Digital Workers think, learn, and work like humans while also connecting people with technology. 

The best projects for Digital Workforce are bulk, repetitive rules-based procedures. Our Digital Workforce is flexible, allowing interaction between multiple systems.

We don’t change any of your underlying systems, as this is often complex and expensive to perform. We gather data and integrate processes using a variety of techniques and interfaces that ensure underlying systems are not impacted.
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