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TotalITSM uses proven and structured implementation methodology that gets your business up and running in quick time. Our implementation team helps you plan, configure and deploy the solution as per the business needs that not only help you go live in a short span of time but also gain you a high value of returns from the solution as soon as possible.

Throughout the implementation process, our professional service implementers will work together with you to analyze the actual needs of the business by scoping with the human resource of every level of the organization. We also have an in-depth analysis of the integration requirements of the existing systems so as to ensure hassle free migration. Our team has great knowledge of best practices associated with the implementation process of ITSM solution.

TotalITSM professional service implementers have an impeccable track record of bringing every implementation project in time, on-budget and within the scope designed for that project. For every project, we follow an agile implementation methodology that involves six life cycle phases where each phase provides thorough knowledge about the progress of the project. It also helps us plan the proactive steps so that we can avoid the obstacles in advance and complete the project within the scope of the time.

The phases that MNCL utilizes are the following:

Scope: Scoping sessions, Analyse information, Define requirements

Design: Transform requirement into design, plan implementation, Set milestones

Configuration: Data Migration, Integration, Process Configuration, security configuration

Test: System test, Unit test, scenario test and User acceptance test

Go live: Provides assistance while moving from deployment to Production phase

Educate: End user and Administrative training.

TotalITSM has an experience of leading countless service management implementation project with minimum risk. We can provide a real world of expertise and technical skills that support through every step of implementation from pre-implementation to post implementation so that your business must manage the ITSM system in a systematic manner with no interruption.