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Easily create additional applications to support a wide variety of business needs.

Codeless Business Application Tool (CBAT) is the key differentiating feature of our service management solution that enables our client to customize everything from a simple field to complex workflows and processes without writing a single line of code. No more need to maintain software developer, with Cherwell’s CBAT technology, you can easily develop any custom business applications from the scratch just by using user-intuitive wizards and drag drop options.

With Cherwell Software, you acquire more than just IT service management software. You obtain a powerful Platform as a Service (PaaS) that provides a WYSIWYG and CBAT (Code-less Business Application Technology) development environment for creating additional fully-integrated business applications. With Cherwell Software, you can create applications like Inventory Management Facilities Management Equipment /Resource Tracking Human Resources Management with an ease. If you can envision and map a process, you can build it – without programmers!

CBAT technology reduces development and testing time that inversely minimizes deployment upto 70%.

Swiftly develop and integrate applications that meet changing needs of the business.

Implement pre-configured templates and workflow on-the-fly with zero downtime, simply refresh and go.

Eliminates the cost of maintaining separate development team for customizing the solution.