Build Custom Business Applications without a Software Expertise

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Build Custom Business Applications without a Software Expertise

Custom Business Applications

The Codeless Business Application Technology (CBAT) is creating a buzz in the IT industry as it offers business domain experts to customize applications quickly and precisely to meet business requirements without any assistance or need of hiring an expensive consultant or software expertise.

Custom Business Applications Technology makes it possible to allow for deeper and more specific customizations as well as integrations that can be done by someone with merely basic training. This doesn’t mean that there is not a scope for local development or consultants with these applications. Preferably, consultants were used for customizations that are extremely advanced.

With the extremely advanced CBAT systems users are allowed to create different business functions and can seamlessly integrate with other systems. Unfortunately, if anyone faces the bug or problem using CBAT, they could fix it by asking the assistance of a business expert who encountered and customized the system to address the problem without the use of or becoming any programmers or database gurus.

The technology of Codeless Business App is the only approach for businesses to address its needs without breaking the bank in times of more complex business problems and dry resources.

Nowadays, CBAT has grown beyond limitations and mostly depends on metadata. It is much easier and quicker to update content, unlike classic business system where a specific person designs a database and then the programmer codes to access the data to build in the rules of the system.

CBAT Tools:

Generally, tools are broken down into two categories, namely low-level and high-level. In these two, low-level tools are the ones that would be more familiar to anyone who has built simple databases or done RAD (Rapid Application Development). These would be for doing things like adding fields and relationships, as well as designing forms. With CBAT, though, these tend to go much further, as they include the ability to define the rules of the system. High-level tools are more business-level.

The low-level tools for customizing a good CBAT system should be usable by any reasonably intellectual manager with an idea of what they want to complete or accomplish and merely some basic training. Fortunately, simple modifications or changes require no special training. The tools should guide the user, and warn them when there are unexpected side-effects to their changes (such as to performance).

In fact, more complex customization might require more training or even the assistance of a consultant—but then again, they might not. It depends on the nature of the changes and the comfort level of the customizer. If a consultant is required, then ideally he or she will be able to design the new functionality and simply send it to the user to apply to the system.

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