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Software is the differentiating factor in the fast changing business environments. In a world where Information technology is alive.

Context changes customers change technology changes business requirements change.

The paradigm shift in technology in last decade was enormous,which has made most organizations to revisit their systems and alien with current trends.Legacy application are not able to meet the demands of the business requirements.

Re-Engineering Process

Re-engineering is the examination and alteration of a subject system to reconstitute it in a new form and the subsequent implementation of the new form.

Goals of Re-engineering
  • Un-bundling

  • Performance enhancing

  • Exploitation of new technology

Goals Of Re-engineering

Application assesment

By assessing the existing systems to formulate a reengineering roadmap which aligns with proposed solution to the organization’s business objectives.

Assessment includes recommending or deciding on the appropriate business and technical target architecture, evaluating build or buy opportunities, and choosing between one time and incremental system reengineering.

Model Capturing

Describing the system at a concrete level gaining sufficient understanding of the system to make an informed decision. Capturing the system concepts, components and relationships.

Need/Gap Analysis

Identifying key processes with core functionality to determine whether the application should be modified or rewritten and to determine the risks involved. We backtrack through the interfaces, logic and intricacies of the current application, determining scope, components needed, and building a technical specification in reverse. New requirements can be incorporated into these specifications to develop a new or modified application.

Problem Resolutions

Our programmers will develop specified application based on final design document, application would then be tested against requirements to ensure application is ready to implement.

Program Transformation

Post problem resolution it would be deployed in production environment for stakeholder’s ratification, once ratified project would go live.