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Custom Application Development

Change is constant. Change for quality service delivery, change for business growth, change for organizational efficiency. A Decade experience in business has helped us to evolve an approach which looks a paramount interest of the client and we call it as CIS – (Customer Intuitive Services).A Model that allows to seamlessly Integrates industry expert/domain expert into application development. The proprietary idea is designed to help clients anticipate the future requirements and trends.

Custom solutions created in tandem with process improvements which can help automate, simplify, and standardize complex or mission critical processes within your business.

What is CIS ?

12A successful innovation is about creating for the future. Solution is arrived after taking cognizance of the changing dynamics of the current business and future demands from our industry expert. We define and analyze the project requirements from the project plan. Using industry cases we map requirements trace ability to lay the scope of project as validated by the customer. Our programmers will develop specified application based on final design document and same will be monitored and reviewed by our industry/domain expert, application would then be tested against requirements to ensure application is ready to implement. Further it would be deployed in production environment for stakeholder’s ratification, once ratified project would go live.